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Our mission is to improve personal care, raise living standards and promote individual wellbeing through our second to none cleaning service in Sydney.

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About Us

Masters Of Cleaning

We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer expectations. Instead of focusing on just a superficial good clean we focus on the intermediate and future results of a professional and holistic clean. We offer a deep cleaning service that removes all the hidden nasties that aren’t seen giving your home or office a refreshing feel and an immaculate look.

Our mission is to improve personal care, raise living standards and promote individual health and wellbeing through education and our second to none cleaning services.

We understand time money and energy are precious commodities today, so let our experienced team take care of your cleaning requirements allowing you to live your life to the full. Our communication is fully transparent so you know what services you are receiving and are happy with the price.


carpet and rug steam cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpets and rugs are a popular and relatively inexpensive choice of flooring that can provide many physiological benefits. They trap dust, dirt, pollen mould and many other contaminants which can prevent these from polluting the air within the living area. However, not having your carpets/rugs cleaned periodically can lead to them becoming heavily soiled and increasing the risk of pest infestations, bacteria build up and air contamination.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Masters Of Cleaning have been carpet steam clean professionals for over 20 years having the expertise and the advanced commercial tools to give your carpets/rugs a deep clean. Our high temperature and high-pressure steam cleaning systems not only remove dirt and dust but also kill off any pests and bacteria, renewing the fibres that make up your carpets or rugs.

We’ll also provide you with tricks of the trade to maintain your carpet or rug for a prolonged flooring investment.

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Upholstery Cleaning Couch

Upholstery Cleaning

We all love our soft couches, armchairs and ottomans to relax in but unmaintained upholstery can attract bodily oils, dust, stains and other contaminants, overtime degrading their look, comfort and even increased risks of allergy symptoms.

Using harsh chemicals or simply rubbing stains can damage the delicate fibres of the fabric. At Masters Of Cleaning our professional technicians have the necessary knowledge to clean and refurbish soiled and dirty upholstery to look as brand new. We pay extra attention to fabric types to ensure the correct methods and cleaning agents are used to prevent damage or wear and tear on your upholstery.

Because our business is human centric we only use naturally friendly cleaning agents that are not harsh or abrasive chemicals but are soft on the skin and respiratory system, while still having the necessary anti-bacterial properties to do a thorough clean. So once we’ve cleaned your upholstery it is safe for use by children pets and those pregnant.

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Mattress Cleaning Close Up

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are a significant investment when it comes to human health so it’s just as important to maintain and care for such personal furniture. Overtime, if not cleaned or maintained mattresses can collect, dust, dead skin cells, bodily fluids and other contaminants and start to attract dust mites, bed bugs and other pests. Any odours is a good sign its time for a clean.

Due to the porous nature of mattresses, it’s imperative to use the correct cleaning agents and methods to ensure a mattress is cleaned well but also able to dry sufficiently before use otherwise it can compound the problem. Our experts know how to clean mattresses effectively and delicately. We use a steam extraction system which harnesses the power of high-pressure and high temperatures to kill off any bacteria and pests from within the fibres leaving your mattress looking and smelling brand new. Have a look at our gallery for the exceptional results.

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hard floor cleaning

Hard Surfaces Cleaning

Hard floors are exceptionally good at brightening up a room due to their inherent reflective properties. However these same properties easily show up dirt, dust and spills and after prolonged use without professional cleaning can look tarnished and dull.

While regular mopping does lift the look of the hard floors only a professional clean can get rid of all the dust and dirt trapped in-between grooves and edges of your hard surface.

At Masters Of Cleaning our professional technicians are experts in cleaning hard surfaces whether it be floor or wall tiles, grout, floorboards, laminate, vinyl and many other materials. Our cleaning agents have anti-stain properties to cut through oils and other spills while still being delicate on the material surface. We use heat and pressure instead of the abrasive chemicals to do the majority of the heavy cleaning. Thus cleaning with us will ensure the prolonged life and wellbeing of any hard surface in your home.

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Coffee spill

Stains & Odour Removal

Spillages, stains and dropped organic products are part of everyday living. Even small spills can penetrate deep into the surface of carpets and rugs making them almost impossible to remove. Further bacteria can start to grow on unresolved portions of food or liquids and cause protein fires, which produce bad odours and toxins.

We’ve been trading and removing stains and odours for over 20 years so our trained technicians will be able to assess the spillage and/or odour and identify its underplaying cause. Then proceed with our specialised treating agents and the power of our steam cleaning systems to remove these from your floors, mattress or upholstery. We’ve been doing this for so long that we are absolutely confident in our results.

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