Ryde carpet rug2 perspective 2019 march

Ryde Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Masters Of Cleaning was contracted to clean 2 rugs in areas of heavy traffic. The rugs were of good quality but were soiled from use and the fibres compressed from constant usage.

We applied our environmentally friendly cleaning agent liberally and allowed time for the agent to penetrate deep into the rugs. This would allow the soil and dust to be unbound from the carpet fibres and ready for our next step.

Our truck mount high-pressure and high temperature water extraction system, commonly referred to as a steam cleaner in households, was used for the extraction process. The temperatures hit at around 100 degrees celcius killing any remaining bacteria or organisms and also loosening dirt and dust. The added pressure removes these from the rug fibres and is vacuumed by our high powered truck mount system.

A light deodorising agent was applied to give the rugs a fresh scent as a final step. The rugs looked fresh and thicker as the rug fibres were raised to their natural upright position. Our client was impressed with the results and we were delighted to see another smiling customer.

As in the case above it is important to regularly maintain furnishings, carpets and rugs so as to extend their lifespan and contribute to a healthy and clean home environment. If you are interested in achieving similar results at your residence, please contact us for a non-obligation quote.

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